Why Phunware Shares Are Trading Higher Today – PETROHUNTER ENERG (PHUN)

Phunware Inc (NASDAQ: PHUN) is trading higher on Friday after the company announced it will begin trading initial issues of PhunCoin.

After the initial distributions, Phunware said it would reserve around 72% of the maximum supply available, which is 100 billion PhunCoin. A PhunCoin is currently valued at $ 0.008.

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“As we work to commercialize a truly decentralized data economy, we are excited to begin creating a market for one of the world’s first regulated cryptocurrencies designed for mainstream adoption,” said Alain Knitowski, co-founder, president and CEO of Phunware.

“PhunCoin is an important first step in ensuring that consumers are not only in control of their data, but are also fairly compensated when their data is purchased by brands,” added Knitowski.

Phunware is an integrated Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS) enterprise software platform for mobile that provides businesses with the products, solutions, data, and services needed to engage, manage and monetize their mobile application audiences.

PHUN price action: Phunware traded for up to $ 24.04 and up to 60 cents over a 52 week period.

The stock closed up 4.8% at $ 3.70.

Photo: Courtesy of Phunware.

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