What Wall Street Latino instructor Randy Garcia teaches about the stock market


Latino Wall Street is the number one educational platform in Spanish for learning more about the stock market. There, experienced instructors teach the Latin community the basics of successfully navigating the stock market.

One of their instructors was born in Venezuela and raised Randy Garcia. Currently living in Panama, he and his wife discovered Latino Wall Street after starting a career in its futures market where he specialized in technical analysis.

Latino Wall Street helped Randy learn about his financial options and applied all the knowledge they had already gained before to get more out of it with tightly controlled risks.

Seeing how Latino Wall Street has helped them succeed with their business, Randy now wants to share the information with others who want to start on the same path as them.

Teach about trading and more

Randy teaches the Secrets of Day Trading course where people learn in eight modules about the management of technical analysis, financial options, and the psychology needed to become a successful trader.

But his course isn’t limited to that as Randy has also taught people not to make the mistakes he made when he started out, to see the trading of a lifetime. In short, I grow up and draw people, I don’t play carts, ”explained Randy.

The instruction believes that there is a great opportunity for people of all levels of education who, even with little initial investment, can learn trading and stock market techniques and be successful like many others in the market. world.

He says the idea of ​​Latino Wall Street is to make the idea of ​​anyone who can participate in the New York Stock Exchange accessible and convenient without complications.

Knowing that there is a lot to learn and gain, and with great responsibility in training people with solid information they can use, keeps Randy empowered and inspired to teach as many people as possible.

Experience as references

Before becoming the successful man he is today, Randy had to work to understand the meaning of passion and responsibility that comes with the business.

He started out by working at the lowest position in a restaurant. But thanks to the stock exchange, one of Venezuela’s top companies at the time, he was able to quit his restaurant job and earn five times as much as he started out.

Connect with Randy Garcia through his Instagram profile, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, Where www.randygarcia.info.

Posted on August 22, 2021

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