UnlistedKart app debuts on unlisted stock market

BENGALERU, India, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Over the past 4 years, UnlistedKart has been at the forefront of the unlisted trading space, achieving a collective turnover of over 250 crores and recording an impressive IRR of 40% on its recommended portfolio. A testament to their explosive growth has been their research platform which allows investors to find missed opportunities in the private market. They were also able to capitalize on a few relationships with large banks and institutionalize the market along the way. The overall result has been that common investors now have the access and exposure of private equity giants and venture capitalists. They also have the added ability to perform fundamental analysis of unlisted stocks via neutral reports and refine their options.

While UnlistedKart revolutionized the market, they also identified a few issues in their journey. One such weak point is substantial human intervention which doubles as a scalability barrier for investors, keeping instant transactions out of reach. In addition, secondary market investors are generally exposed to numerous credit, market, liquidity and valuation risks.

UnlistedKart app debuts

UnlistedKart decided to solve these problems by launching its own app on Android and iOS app stores. Powered by artificial intelligence and automation, the UnlistedKart app aims to reduce the likelihood of errors while providing unlisted stocks to everyday investors. Ordinary investors can easily buy and sell unlisted stocks through the app without worrying about the complexities of the unlisted stock market! Additionally, with various process parameters in place to intelligently manage associated risks, investors can have a portfolio that passes all due diligence checkpoints, perform periodic market analysis, deal only with Unlistedkart as a seller/ selling entity, eliminating credit risk and carefully selecting stocks that can earn them maximum returns.

One of the main features of the app is the availability of top-notch market research reports that help investors understand the key valuation drivers of unlisted stocks and make informed investment decisions. What sets these reports apart is that they are 100% neutral in nature and generated using proprietary AI technology. This ensures that no data points are missed, which is often the limitation that plagues manual research processes. Another great free feature is the news section which constantly provides updates and recent developments on unlisted companies.

Investors can choose to invest from a range of 50 unlisted stocks/scripts and invest as little as Rs. 5000.

Currently, the app offers a range of 50 stocks/scripts to invest in, and that number will only increase in the coming weeks. In the last 6 months of the app going live, it has garnered great interest from investors, registering over 20,000 downloads. And it is clear why. The app not only provides access to unlisted stocks and impeccable research reports, but also serves as a portfolio tracker. Hence, even if they have invested in stocks through other platforms, they can simply enter their portfolio details and start tracking its performance in no time.

An investor-focused philosophy

Thus, UnlistedKart’s mission is not just to sell stocks, but to urge investors to make informed decisions with the help of regular reports and market insights. The app has also solved long-standing problems for investors in the private space. This gives them an edge over others when it comes to price discovery and helps them get better deals on investments. Investors can also track their individual portfolios and receive alerts whenever there is a development or news related to their holdings.

About Unlistedkart

Unlistedkart LLP is a research-driven, aftermarket-focused market-making platform for late-stage/pre-IPO/unlisted companies. It allows HNIs, wealth managers and other investors to invest early in the companies they believe in and provide founders/ESOP holders with much-needed liquidity to realize their vision.

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