These 5 TikTok Makers Help More People Learn to Invest



Social media can be a great tool for learning more about virtually any area of ​​interest. In fact, for many people, these online platforms make learning to invest more fun.

The Motley Fool recently surveyed Gen Z and Millennial Investors to find out how they get their investment information and advice. Social networks have been a big winner. Here are the statistics:

  1. Generation Z: 91% of those surveyed in this age group said they get information about investing through social media.
  2. Millennials: 75% of millennials surveyed said they get information about investing through social media.

To that end, if you want to learn more about investing, you might want to take a look at social media, especially TikTok. From young traders to professional investors, there are many creators who share useful investment tips. Here are a few worth checking out.

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1. @GirlsTalkStocks: Kayla Kilbride

Kayla Kilbride, also known as Robinhood Kid, has started sharing content on TikTok to help more women learn about investing. When she began her investment journey, she found that many men used confusing jargon or did not explain in an easy to understand way. She uses @GirlsTalkStocks to educate more people in a down to earth and accessible way. While she still considers herself a newbie investor, she only talks about topics that she has researched thoroughly.

2. @CallToLeap: Steve Chen

Another TikTok creator who shares his investing knowledge is Steve Chen from @CallToLeap. He is a former college math teacher turned financial literacy influencer. Since achieving financial freedom and quitting his job, he has turned to educating others who wish to do the same. Chen’s content aims to teach his viewers how to invest for the long term. Steve explains beginner investing terms as well as more in-depth topics. Whether you are a beginner or have been investing for a while, its TikTok content may appeal to you.

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3. @Errol_Coleman: Errol Coleman

Errol Coleman is only 22 years old, but he has spent the last two years learning to invest. He traded while attending college and shares his experiences with his followers. And @Errol_Coleman does a great job simplifying the terms of technical investment. In addition, it has a free community where it encourages its subscribers to discuss investment topics. Coleman prepares to trade his profession.

4. @MrsDowJones: Haley Sacks

Hayley Sacks uses pop culture and humor to teach others about the world of investing. In a TikTok video, she discusses Netflix Bridgerton characters and explains which investment term they most closely resemble. Its unique approach makes learning to invest easier to understand and more enjoyable. If you enjoy pop culture references while learning, her content may be for you. As @MrsDowJones continues to grow its audience, its content is both interesting and fun.

5. @AustinHankwitz: Austin Hankwitz

Austin Hankwitz is a full-time investor who shares his personal finances and investment advice with TikTok. Much of its content focuses on the stock market and cryptocurrency. Plus, @AustinHankwitz talks about the basics of investing, how to choose which companies to invest in, and what stocks he personally loves. Austin has been on TikTok for quite some time and he has the professional experience to inform his great content.

Don’t be afraid to take to social media to discuss investing. This type of content can help you learn more about investing so that you can feel more confident in your investment choices. As with any online material, be sure to check out content from a trusted source and remember that investing comes with risk. If you want to get started with your investment goals, check out our list of the best stock brokers.


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