The world’s first app to bring together a live overview of crypto and stock market investments

The application brings together all the investments in one place, the recipe for this success story. In this way, Delta eliminates the need to use multiple applications or platforms. In the United States, over 330,000 investors already have a clear overview of the latest developments in their cryptocurrencies, investments, stocks, mutual funds and ETFs through the app on their smartphones. User-friendliness is further enhanced today, as Delta is the first application on the market to also offer connections to broker accounts.

Connection with more than 5,000 banks and brokers

The new functionality allows new transactions to be automatically imported into the user’s portfolio overview. Delta automatically connects with over 5,000 banks and brokers to ensure the latest data is in sync. This synchronization makes it possible to respond quickly to new opportunities.

“No one has to juggle different stock market and crypto applications anymore. Delta is the only one to provide a live and comprehensive overview of everything in your investment portfolios,” said Nicolas Van Hoorde. , CEO of Delta.

Insight into art and real estate in investing

Users of the investment tracker have long been able to rely on the latest Dow Jones news and Wall Street Journal reviews built into the app. On a daily basis, Delta shares the latest updates for each portfolio and, thanks to an advanced algorithm, investors receive relevant information on expected developments in their portfolio.

“Going forward, we want to make it possible to add investments such as art and real estate to the range so that users can have an instant overview of everything they are investing in through our app. We want to make their life much easier by ensuring that they always have all the financial information immediately via their smartphone, ”concludes Nicolas Van Hoorde.

About Delta

Delta is the only app on the market that gives investors a live view of everything in their portfolio. The Ghent-based smartphone app is linked to both crypto wallets and equity wallets, grouping them together into a convenient and user-friendly overview where users can see the total value of their items at a glance. With a team of 20 people, Delta has been helping more than 3 million investors around the world make the right decisions with ease since 2017. Since 2019, Delta has been part of the eToro group, one of the largest crypto brokers and in actions of the world. Delta is available on iOS and Android.

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