The online brokerage Stake establishes a manifesto | Advertising

Ad Nut got fired up for financial services after watching the TVC above for Australian online brokerage Stake.

“The Takeover” is the first extract from “Stake your claim to the future”, a campaign by the Sydney agency, Bear Meets Eagle On Fire. The agency tapped Augenblick Studios in New York, the creators of Comedy Central’s ugly americans and swimming for adults jelliesfor the 1930s-style animation in the TVC, which debuted during the broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Summon the big cats of the Depression era and ask a robot street poet to deliver a moving manifesto to young people? It’s daring! And both writing and delivery, by a Baltimore-based spoken word artist black chakra, are at the top. Ad Nut particularly likes how the bot describes the democratization of stock trading, which Stake is supposed to enable, as a “mobile, not hostile”, “generational, sensational and long overdue” takeover, adding that ” old things, wrinkled things, like precedents, conventions and velvet cords don’t matter anymore”. Good product.

Ad Nut would like to add for the record that you shouldn’t go too crazy with all this easy access to trading; the best investment strategy remains a diversified long-term approach with a combination of securities adapted to your retirement horizon. Otherwise, you risk losses, and your frequent trading only enriches the modern big cats that funded Stake with $40 million in funding last year.

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Customer: Participation
Marketing Director: Bryan Wilmot
Marketing Operations Manager: Simon Starr
Marketing Manager: James Healey
Lead Brand Designer: Thanh Lu

Creative Studio: Bear Meets Burning Eagle
Animation studio: Augenblick Studios Inc.
Post-production: Blockhead VFX Studios
Sound and music: Rumble Studios

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