The Mexican stock market gains 1.26%, closes the week with a 3.25% advance


Mexico City, Oct 15 (EFE) .- The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) gained 1.26% in its main indicator on Friday, reaching 52,798.38 points, which allowed it to close the week with an increase of 3, 25%, the best since the first week of March.

The Price and Quote Index (CPI), the main indicator of the Mexican market, “closed with a weekly gain, its biggest weekly gain since March 5, and added two weeks to the upside,” Karla explained. Bajos, Banco Base analyst. . .

In addition, he added that the index “broke the 52,500 point level for the first time since September 1, when the CPI hit its all-time high of 53,400.94 points.”

The specialist pointed out that within the index, weekly gains were recorded in 29 of the 35 main companies included in the sample.

At the same time, the best performing issuers were Grupo México (+ 10.82%), Industrias Peñoles (+ 9.46%), Alsea (+ 8.75%) and Cemex (+ 8.16%).

Lows recalled that next week 46 companies on the Mexican Stock Exchange will release their quarterly results, so the performance of the CPI will partly depend on them.

As this day progresses, the Mexican index is posting a positive cumulative return so far this year of 19.81%, supported by the economic recovery.

On the day, the Mexican peso appreciated 1.26% against the dollar, trading at 20.32 units per greenback on the interbank market.

The CPI closed at 52,798.38 units with a gain of 658.14 points and a positive change of 1.26% from the previous session.

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