Stock of 4 sectors you should add to the watchlist for future investments in 2022

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The artificial intelligence market today is difficult to quantify. Aside from a lack of agreement on a unified definition of “artificial intelligence” as a phrase, the early stage of development of the field makes it impossible to define silos or rigid boundaries between industries or applications. In multimodal and linguistic sectors, technical advancements are expected to increase by 2022. As investor appetite for commercialized AI in call center analytics, personalization and usability optimization cloud is growing, funding could also increase. In the AI ​​industry, companies like Tata ELXSI, Persistent, Bosch, Oracle, Happiest Mind are among the AI ​​stocks that are due to be added to the 2022 watchlist.

5G technology

5G technology

The hype around 5G is building up, but it hasn’t peaked yet, and it won’t be for some time. However, recent development could help reach a high level. If you can handle the volatility, this could be a decent long term investment. Many 5G companies are still in the planning stages, anticipating the future before some of the most innovative and cutting edge technologies become widely available. Now is the time to keep a close eye on these companies to see how they are managing their profits and making the best decisions possible. When it comes to investing, you need to buy trustworthy stock. Investors should invest in a company with a proven track record of success.

According to local press citing information from the Indian government, 5G services are expected to be deployed in several of the country’s major cities by 2022. Gurugram, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Jamnagar, Pune, Ahmadabad , Hyderabad, Lucknow and Gandhinagar are among the cities that will receive 5G technology in 2022.

In these cities, local operators Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea (VI) have already set up 5G test sites. TechMahindra, Sterlite Technologies, Tejas Network, Indus Network, Bharti Network are some of the industry leaders in 5G technology in India that you could add to your watchlist as they have promising development plans ahead.

Electric vehicle (EV)

Electric vehicle (EV)

India is the second most populous country in the world after China in the EV sector. Already, many Indian state governments have started purchasing electric buses from domestic and global suppliers. In addition, last year the Indian government developed the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP), with the intention of increasing national fuel security by promoting hybrid and electric cars.

An EV runs on electricity rather than an internal combustion engine, which produces electricity by burning a mixture of fuel and gas. As a result, an electric vehicle is seen as a possible substitute for today’s automobile in the near future for solving environmental problems. The electric vehicle market in India is divided into two categories: vehicle type and power source. The market is divided into commercial vehicles, passenger cars, three-wheelers and two-wheelers depending on the type of vehicle. The market is divided into three types of energy sources: rechargeable electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

Indian stock market has promising names in electric vehicle sector such as TATA Motors, Hero MotorCorp, TVS, Mahindra. However, several others could debut on the Indian stock market this year, such as OLA electric.



India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for digital consumers, with over half a billion internet users, but adoption by businesses is uneven. The technology is expected to have a rapid and drastic impact on virtually every area of ​​the Indian economy as digital capabilities increase and connection becomes ubiquitous. For tens of millions of Indians, this is expected to produce enormous economic value while changing the nature of work.

India has set itself ambitious goals, aiming to grow into a $ 5,000 billion economy by 2025. The Indian government’s “digital India” initiative is a crucial initiative to achieve an economic target of $ 5,000 billion. of dollars. The pandemic has demonstrated the need for a digital connection for business continuity in the event of a disaster. This brings us to the root of the problem: The country needs a much more robust digital infrastructure than it currently has. Investment in digital infrastructure is expected to quadruple GDP.

Indian economy is now seen as the hub of digital players like IRCTC, PayTM, JIO, CDSL, Infoedge and various others, the numbers are endless. The actions of these companies must be preserved because they have vast development plans for the future.

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