Nasdaq Fund Network Welcomes BlackRock’s Target Allocation ETF Models, Improving Transparency for Investors

BLackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, registers its flagship target allocation ETF model portfolios on the Nasdaq Fund Network (NFN), paving the way for asset managers to provide greater transparency in this investment vehicle. growing but often opaque investment.

these BlackRock ETF Model Portfolios are an actively managed solution built with iShares ETFs. For these model portfolios, BlackRock specifically uses iShares ETFs as the underlying holdings to provide investors with the ability to manage costs more effectively. Each portfolio has its own unique objective, providing exposure to various asset classes, industry sectors, style factors, currencies and geographies.

When registering these ETF model portfolios, NFN will apply a six-character symbol for each product and disseminate indicative pricing data to institutional and retail investors. With standardized symbology and a searchable ticker, the platform allows advisors and investors to access and evaluate performance information across all market data platforms. It also provides advisors, brokers and investors with easy access to performance information, which is essential given the continued growth in scope and scale of strategies.

Specifically, NFN facilitates the collection and dissemination of performance valuation, price or net asset value (NAV) and strategy-level benchmark data to over 100 million investors for more than 35,000 products, including mutual funds, collective investment trusts (CIT), structured fund products, unit investment funds (UIT) and 529 education savings plans, as well as alternative investment.

Notably, BlackRock’s target allocation ETF models are the first of their kind to be registered on NFN, which is officially expanding its services to include ETF models, separately managed accounts (SMA) and unified managed accounts (UMA).

Once considered niche investment products, model portfolios, SMAs and UMAs are growing in popularity. The benefits of these products include customization, ownership, and scale. Therefore, they are valuable for financial advisors, helping them to offer more personalized portfolio management solutions to their clients.

Together with the registration of BlackRock’s target allocation ETF model portfolios on NFN, this represents an important step to not only bring greater performance transparency to this asset class, but will also help bridge the gap between managers. asset managers, financial advisors, portfolio managers and investors.

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