Moomoo launches stock trading app in Australia

Moomoo has announced its official launch in Australia, marking the third international market where Moomoo operates, following its successful launch in Singapore in 2021 and the United States in 2018.

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The trading platform will offer online stock trading to Australian investors through its mobile app. The product offering covers stocks and ETFs listed on the Australian and US markets. Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and China A-share markets will be added soon.

Moomoo offers smart analytics tools, in-depth real-time market data and financial insights from leading media agencies such as Dow Jones and Benzinga.

The mobile app is heavily invested in social investing to promote community interaction, where users support and learn from each other, share investment ideas and stock information.

For users looking for structured learning experiences, there are also many educational courses published on moomoo, the company said in its official announcement.

Andrew Rogan, Head of Marketing for moomoo Australia, said, “Today marks moomoo’s first anniversary in the Singapore market and the third anniversary of moomoo’s parent company listing on the Nasdaq. On this special occasion, we are happy to announce our launch in Australia. We hope to bring the advanced features of moomoo, which have already been validated in the US and Singapore, to all investors in Australia. Our vision is to help all investors with different levels of experience improve their trading skills, optimize their investment strategies and take control of their wealth creation.

In 2020, Australia had more than 9 million individual investors, according to an ASX Investor Research report, which added that the number is expected to top 10 million in 2022.

Moomoo is a Palo Alto, CA-based financial technology company that integrates commerce, market data, and social media with advanced features, such as analytics and anomaly detection powered by AI.

The company and its affiliated brands also offer rich investor education content and an interactive online community with 17 million users in more than 200 countries around the world.

Moomoo is a subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed fintech Futu Holdings Limited, Hong Kong’s largest brokerage.

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