MerriTrade is an online playground and trading platform that helps traders strengthen, improve and maximize their investing skills. Demo tournaments are regularly organized for all investors. The broker’s slogan is ‘MerriTrade, a fair trading playground to improve your trading skills.

MerriTrade offers users free trading in Forex, Binary Options and Cryptocurrencies. You can also join its exclusive demo tournaments to improve your trading skills at no cost. Additionally, participants can receive benefits and rewards equally.

With a large number of participants each year, MerriTrade has established itself as a professional broker in organizing and operating tournaments. The winner will receive valuable rewards such as cash or exchange gifts.

MerriTrade Highlights That Take Your Trading Experience to the Next Level

Real-time data

When trading with this broker’s demo account, traders will know the exact market price at the time of the demo. It is also a way for traders to really feel their ability and experience while monitoring and guiding themselves to make decisions.

A fair playing field

MerriTrade always offers traders professional events as well as interesting and unique experiences. It claims to be the fairest online playing field and arena for all traders. Participants will receive the same benefits, facilities, bonuses and support in all aspects. The opportunity is open to all traders, regardless of experience, age or financial ability.

Valuable prizes and gifts

In other trading tournaments, investors have to pay an entry fee and the prizes will be vouchers or tokens. However, at MerriTrade, participants can access demo trading and receive 100% real prices. It is considered the main advantage by investors.

What makes MerriTrade the fairest platform in 2022

MerriTrade has become a bridge connecting the trading community and the global trading market. This helps to create a trading mindset and helpful environment for all investors.

Operating mechanism

MerriTrade regularly updates and organizes online trading tournaments. At MerriTrade, users will receive knowledge, news and awards.


MerriTrade strives to provide customers with the best benefits, a healthy and quality playground to learn freely and conquer the market.

Successful MerriTrade Tournaments

In 2021 and early 2022, MerriTrade is becoming popular among the investing community with its premier demo tournaments with great prizes including:

Merry Champions

The Merri Champions is one of the registered tournaments with a total prize value of up to $10,000. After 2 seasons, the total number of registered participants reached 1456 people. Thus, the heat of the tournament never ceased.


Mini Battle is a small-scale Forex CFD tournament where participants can try out trading platforms and gain skills to compete in larger MerriTrade demo tournaments. Now Mini Battle #4 will take place at the start March 2022. Investors can register to participate right HERE.

demo king

This is a special tournament sponsored by a reputable Forex exchange. Total price is up to $5,000. Like other tournaments, participants in King Of Demo can redeem to receive real various rewards.

Apart from being an online platform with many valuable prices, MerriTrade is also a connecting playground between brokers and investors, creating a close bond for this relationship to grow more and more to reap many new successes.

How to Join MerriTrade Playground

MerriTrade offers traders a distinctive investment experience with a demo account in MerriTrade. There is no deposit, each participant will receive a demo account with the same fund. Users will use funds provided by MerriTrade to participate in the tournament.

Step 1: Create a MerriTrade Account

Visit the website in the necessary information and you will have a MerriTrade account.

Step 2: Register to join the desired tournament

Select the tournament you wish to participate in, then confirm the registration information.

Step 3: Get $10,000 and start trading

At this stage, investors only have to wait for the day of the start of the tournament.

After completing the above steps, investors have a chance to win prizes ranging from $100 for $10,000.

Participants are not allowed to withdraw profits or the full value of prizes in tournaments. When winners meet all tournament requirements, they will receive specified prizes.


MerriTrade builds a polite and strong community of players through channels such as MerriTrade Fanpage, Trade Demo Community group, Telegram group, etc. All investors have the opportunity to participate in the tournament, gain knowledge, ask questions and share their experiences in MerriTrade.

Moreover, the MerriTrade team supports traders 24/7 with a professional attitude. They provide participants with the best and most satisfying experience to do their best in the tournament.

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