JAG Insurance Group opens an account with TradeStation Crypto as part of the corporate treasury solution

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JAG Insurance Group (JAG) – a full-service commercial insurance agency based in South Florida with offices in Coral Gables and Delray Beach, and Charlotte, NC – today announced that it has opened a cash account for company with TradeStation Crypto, Inc., a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc., and expanded the company’s benefits offerings by matching employee crypto investments.

As digital pioneers with a deep understanding of today’s market, JAG’s decision to open a corporate account with TradeStation Crypto reinforces the company’s forward-thinking approach. Focused on creating a culture of innovation within the insurance industry, selecting a cryptocurrency platform with TradeStation Crypto allows the company to diversify its investment portfolio.

“Dedicated to enriching the experience of our employees, our company is constantly expanding its benefits to align with today’s global environment,” said Luis R. Gazitua, Director of JAG Insurance Group. “With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, TradeStation Crypto’s brokerage offering and educational content help us better understand the market and provide our staff with ongoing access to training. We are excited about the possibilities this offers for our business and our people.

Adapting to new demands by staying ahead of emerging trends, JAG implemented new technology to bridge digital currencies and traditional payment options, officially issuing an insurance policy using cryptocurrency. Committed to pushing boundaries and providing its staff with a robust and competitive benefits package, JAG recognizes the growing importance of cryptocurrency, providing employees with insight into how to invest. More than half of JAG’s staff signed up for the company’s bonus matching program using the TradeStation Crypto platform.

“We are excited to see more South Florida-based companies entering the cryptocurrency space,” said James Putra, vice president of product strategy at TradeStation Crypto. “There continues to be an increase in investment in crypto at the corporate level, and we are proud to provide businesses with the tools to invest in cryptocurrency assets. We expect that as as more businesses discover the benefits of cryptocurrency, the trend will continue to grow.

About JAG

JAG Insurance Group is a South Florida-based full-service insurance agency specializing in commercial real estate, hospitality, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, transportation, long-term care, life insurance, disability and sports and entertainment. Co-founded by Douglas Jones, Fernando Alvarez and Luis Gazitua, the company has offices in Coral Gables, Delray Beach and Charlotte, North Carolina. The company serves a diverse business community and individual needs, providing comprehensive and innovative insurance solutions for a multitude of industries. The company incorporates an entrepreneurial approach to offer its clients the expertise and support of a large insurance conglomerate, but with the personalized attention of a boutique business. JAG’s attention to detail and its atypical approach to the traditional insurance environment drives a successful experience that aligns with client goals. For more information, visit www.jaginsgroup.com.

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