Daines works with Warren to stop congressional stock trading

Montana Sen. Steve Daines is as conservative as they come, but he reaches across the aisle when the issue matters, such as his efforts to prevent members of Congress from owning or trading stocks.

Daines called the KGVO Newsmakers Line on Wednesday to discuss a number of issues, including a bill banning members of Congress from owning or trading stock.

“This is a step to help restore faith,” Sen. Daines began. “And by the way, voters of both parties overwhelmingly support banning members of Congress from trading stocks. I saw a Fox (News) poll in the last two weeks that said 70% of Americans wanted this done. It’s a bit unique here. You know, it’s a bipartisan effort. You have a Republican Steve Daines from Montana working with a Democrat Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. Let me tell you, Elizabeth Warren, and I disagree on just about everything, but we do agree that it’s something we should be doing.

Inflation often starts with energy prices, and Daines blamed the rapid rise in inflation on the doorstep of the Oval Office in Washington, D.C.

“He puts people in places in the administration who want to shut down the Made in America energy, and they’re not even silent or subtle about it. They openly try to shut down Made in America oil, natural gas and coal, which puts the US and other countries in the hands of OPEC and Russia. It also strengthens Russian-Chinese ties. This is a very dangerous position that affects not only economic security and rising prices, but also national security and geopolitics.

Daines also referenced current mandates affecting Montana Head Start workers.

“This Montana Head Start staff vaccine and mask mandate needs to go. This mandate threatens access to child care and disrupts children’s education. I presented a formal resolution of disapproval against these warrants. We will continue the fight against them. You know, at the end of the day when we step back and critique what happened during COVID, the bottom line is this. The government’s response is an overshoot of COVID which I believe will have lasting negative consequences far greater and more severe than the pandemic itself. »

Sen. Daines met with the three Missoula County commissioners right after he appeared in the Montana Morning News.

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