CryptGain customers can now deposit and withdraw funds with more leading e-wallets

LONDON, February 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As digital assets become more attractive to market followers, the competition for their attention becomes more intense for brokerage brands. CryptGain, a world-renowned online broker, recently changed the rules of the game by announcing to add more options for payments and refunds. Namely, the brand allows the use of several additional e-wallets that have become increasingly popular in recent times. This change has already been implemented and registered users can already enjoy the improved variety.

“E-wallets are the future of online financial transactions,” explained Georgina Skarginef, spokesperson for CryptGain. “It would make sense for a customer-centric company to embrace them wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, our competitors don’t seem to understand this, and we hope that by taking this big leap forward, many will follow our path. We will continue to innovate in the online digital asset industry in the future, for the sake of our valued customers.”

Make things much simpler

Anyone with a basic understanding of today’s markets, especially digital assets, knows how important speed is to seizing opportunities at all levels. However, providing a solid infrastructure is not enough. Brokers also need to ensure that the entire environment they provide is worry-free and hassle-free. This principle has led Avex Market to make this necessary upgrade, and more information regarding e-wallets working with the brand can be found on its website.

“Our users know that we are always looking for ways to make their experience with us more enjoyable and meaningful,” Skarginef added. “This is a major step towards a transparent, top-down process. We will continue to work hard on behalf of our customers and not compromise in order to provide nothing less than the best possible service.”

About CryptGain

Created with the aim of modernizing the online digital asset industry, CryptGain is now known and loved by many enthusiasts of this industry around the world. The brand offers its services, accompanied by complete support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all its customers, whatever their budget or geographical location. Users of CryptGain’s framework can also choose from three attractive account typesand the benefits of each account are listed on the brand’s website, along with all other important information about the services it offers.

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