A key area brokers should scan to save time and money

The of the current market rising mortgage rates and house prices mean “a housing downturn.” However, although demand is less stringent than last year, for brokers there is still quite a bit of movement and opportunity to increase revenue.

“Despite weaker sales, several offers are still on the way, with more than a quarter of homes selling above list price due to limited inventory,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist at NAR.

With these challenges, it’s more important than ever for brokers to work as efficiently as possible to submit deals quickly and close quickly.

Common problems for brokers

According to Tricia Stamper, director of technology products at Florida Realtors, one thing brokers struggle with is “efficiency – streamlining the deal process to close faster and more securely, as happy clients and office productivity are essential to the sustainability of their business”.

Additionally, over the past few years, primarily due to the pandemic, much of the conduct of business has shifted to digital processes. Agents were always on the go, but now remote work is influencing how people shop. “According to NRA12% of buyers buy houses virtually.

“Every broker, every brokerage, every office, every agent is unique and different in their workflow and preferred work style,” said Zola Sam, product development coordinator for Florida Realtors. “And finding digital tools that help them stay organized, efficient and secure in the most convenient way for their individual and team workflow is paramount.”

Efficiency is why brokers need to find a customizable and adaptable tool or resource to help themselves and their agents. They need a solution that can help them organize their workflow and manage their online transactions from start to finish, making the process simple, smooth and secure.

So, for the sake of efficiency, what should brokers be looking to digitize?

“As much as they can, in a way that will help them minimize risk and keep their customers happy,” Stamper said. “Everything to do with the transaction process is going digital. It becomes an expectation. »

A Trusted Transaction Management Solution for Brokers

For brokers who want to increase the efficiency of their business, Form Simplicity is a SaaS for paperwork management that benefits brokers, their agents, staff, and clients.

Simplicity of the form is a robust transaction management solution created, owned and operated by Florida Realtors. It allows brokers and agents to manage transactions from start to finish from any device and is available nationwide for brokers, associations and MLSs.

With Form Simplicity, brokers have various customization tools to organize their workflows, such as setting up templates for trade forms, tasks, and a broker review process.

Brokers can do a bit of work on the front-end and set up a complete workflow, so the agent can get into Form Simplicity, start a trade, and have all the forms and tasks that need to be done in this transaction quickly charged for them.

With just a few clicks, agents then import property listing data, which automatically populates MLS, tax, and agent information through the forms and transaction, reducing the time they have to spend manually filling out forms.

“That’s our main goal, and what we’re always striving towards – to make the process as automated as possible and as customizable as possible so that brokers can set up their agents for success by streamlining their entire process,” said said Sam. “It doesn’t take half a day to complete a contract and get an offer – you can do it in minutes from Form Simplicity.”

And because Form Simplicity is cloud-based, it uses redundant data center backups to ensure vital information is never lost.

Additionally, brokers in need of assistance can call Form Simplicity Technical Support. analysts from Technical assistance, the #1 technical support service in real estate, will guide them through the customizations they may want to implement. Form Simplicity also offers monthly live training webinars and an online Help Center with step-by-step articles and video tutorials. These options allow users to receive the support they need to adopt the platform quickly.

Form Simplicity collects feedback from its users, implementing feature requests based on how they use the systems and what works or doesn’t work. Its objective is to improve the program and adapt it to users’ situations.

According to Sasha Fedoroff, Office/Transaction Manager at Atlas Group Real Estate Services, the benefit of using Form Simplicity is “huge”. It’s a solution “that really listens and adapts its technology to ever-changing times through constant interaction and feedback between agents and brokers,” she said.

How does Form Simplicity help brokers succeed?

Digital workflows like the ones brokers can create with Form Simplicity are more convenient for brokers, their agents, staff, and clients. For example, clients can view their contracts online on their schedule, office staff can help brokers, and agents can also work on things on their schedule and location.

As for brokers, it creates a trail of all movements. It’s “the broker’s dashboard and submission checklists and the ability to have pre-populated custom form packages ready to use at the start of every trade that really make a real difference in terms of efficiency and productivity,” said Fedoroff.

Brokers looking to grow their business need to be able to work quickly, organize and process transactions as efficiently as possible while knowing that their data is secure. This will help improve their reputation and give them more opportunities.

“Real estate is a word-of-mouth business; it’s very customer-focused and referral-driven,” Stamper said. “A solid reputation is important. Using digital tools – Form Simplicity being one such tool – to get things done on time increases their credibility with customers, business stability and the ability to attract more agents, customers and the company as a whole.

“With new and improved features around the corner every month and an unbeatable pricing structure, Form Simplicity is indeed a long-term, reliable and secure system that is critically important to any successful real estate office,” said said Fedoroff.

To learn more about Form Simplicity for Brokers, click here.

Attend the NAR NXT (Realtors Conference & Expo) in Orlando? Meet the representatives of Form Simplicity at booth #851.

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