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  • Info
  • Videos
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place: Spain, Asturias
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Body: tall slim and very sexy accommodating and very nice
  • Interests: Women, Couples and Men
  • Likes: Anal, Blowjob, Bondage, C2C, Chat, Cum, Deep Throat, Dildo, Doggy Style, Double Penetration, Fetish, Fisting, Feet, Fucking, Fingering, Kissing, Latina, Lesbian, Lick, Masturbation, Undressing, Oral, Shaved , Skinny, Stockings, Squirt, Submission, Young and Vibralush
  • Age: 1 month
  • Last broadcast: Online

About me

I am very morbid. I like to play

Does anyone dare to explore my hidden side?

Be polite. You have to know how to distinguish when a certain vocabulary is morbid and when it is rude. (If you don't understand it, you may end up expelled).

You can intervene and say what you want, but the users who give the coins will have more attention, of course. And if you want to order something, do it with coins, through a challenge, please. Maybe if I'm calm and with few people and you do it in a polite and morbid way, it will still be fine.

Repeating things a thousand times is not going to help me listen to you, on the contrary. If you say something and I'm on to something else, or I haven't read it, wait, and try a second time, later. But do not dedicate yourself to repeating and asking the same incessantly, I am just ignoring it on purpose. You still end up outside the room. It is not being an edge, there are many of us and you have to have respect for others and especially for me who am doing the show.

Do not go in to promote your channel, your things, or your person. Or do another type of spam or advertising.

For the rest and complying with those rules, I really like the morbid, and if you manage to raise my temperature a lot, even the perversion. So feel free to play with me, propose, or tempt me ... but respect my times. In the first minute of the show I'm not going to do a double twist somersault. The good things make you wait. Be patient, put coins and the reward will be worth it.

I have a weakness for certain types of men, for those who are very accommodating and spoil me, pamper me and give me every whim. And rarely for a very special type of strong man who knows how to find my weak point and how to dominate me ... that has happened very rarely in my life, and I don't think it will happen here. Be careful to see if you try and finish the "hunter hunted".

Natasha6 Games

VibraLush 20 hours ago from natasha6 :

lush butt

VibraLush and Challenges 2 days ago from natasha6 :


VibraLush 3 days ago from natasha6 :

vibrate my ass

VibraLush 9 days ago from natasha6 :

a spanking for each vibe

VibraLush 9 days ago from natasha6 :

make me run level 4 to 500

VibraLush 13 days ago from natasha6 :

make me run

VibraLush 19 days ago by natasha6:

lush to the street

VibraLush 19 days ago from natasha6 :

fuck my pussy

VibraLush 21 days ago from natasha6 :


VibraLush 21 days ago from natasha6 :

break my pussy

Natasha6's videos

You don't have videos available yet for your fans to enjoy even more with you. Upload one and choose what tip you want. have not added any videos yet. Ask him to do it! Surely if he knows that you are interested, he will have more motivation.