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The stock market, Forex and cryptocurrencies are collapsing. Not only that, but commodities like gold and oil also fell. All signs point to the world heading into another Great Depression. But this is not the time to accumulate money, rather history teaches us that this is the time when people increase their future wealth. And a highly anticipated value trading platform has decided to go ahead with its launch, anticipating the opportunity ahead. 4X.FM launched its online trading platform for independent traders interested in investing in cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, forex and indices.

Safer, easier

Upon initial examination, the 4X.fm platform appears to have been created for the “average joe”. It is easier to understand how to trade, what you are trading and how to buy or sell. The actual structuring of the platform design is intended to help users avoid common mistakes that occur with experienced beginner to intermediate level traders online.

Complicated charts, featuring the well-known sticks and candles, are of course available to read the trends. And typically, registered investors can zoom in and out to see trading trends from 1 month to 1 minute.

The color psychology in site design also complements the ideology of simplicity. And that should not be underestimated in value. It is important. The color theme of the 4X trading platform is “Facebook-like”, intended to help users focus on what’s important (numbers) and feel relaxed. Colors have an effect on the human brain and the 4X platform is meant to help traders compared to other online apps, which are meant to rush or stress the user’s brain.

But that simplicity doesn’t mean it lacks premium features.

Review of the platform and copy of the best traders

A unique and very useful feature to notice on 4X.FM is the “Copy Trader” feature under the community tab. This allows novices aka “beginners” to make gains by simply following the top traders who “win” on the COOMA platform. With a single click, anyone can see platform editors’ favorite traders, most copied traders, top investors, or most profitable trades.

On the “personal trading tab” of the platform, many tradable products are available for all registered investors. Gold, silver, platinum, corn, oil, copper, natural gas, gasoline, sugar and more can be bought or sold.

Under the personal trading profile, 4X.Fm members can also trade cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC), Stellar (XLM), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL), VeChain (VET), Avalanche (AVA), and most other Top crypto coins are listed for buying and selling.

Beyond cryptocurrencies and commodities, stock and Forex trading is also available on 4X-FM. Both of these options are considered “safer” by some standards, as both investment options have been around longer than cryptos.

Trading for all major fiat currencies is easily accessible. Forex investors can trade between Canadian dollars (CAD), US dollars (USD), Chinese yen (CNY), Japanese yen (JPY), South African rand (ZAR), British pound (GBP) , Australian Dollar (AUD) and other currencies to make a daily profit with up-to-the-minute prices.

Stock trading (S&P) on 4X is extremely easy. The stock symbol sits to the right of the brand logo, with the price just to the right of both. Some might consider the platform’s stock trading setup to be one of the easiest stock research tools in 2022.

Secure trading

Of course, this site always preaches user safety no matter what. To prevent users, especially novice traders, from feeling that their own accident is a scam, “limits” are available. The “limits” feature aims to prevent losses from spiraling out of control and 4X.FM recommends using the feature for “safe trading”.

The design of the platform itself was carried out by an experienced technical team. And it says on various review sites, “4X.FM avoids design flaws on other sites that confuse users into doing unwanted actions.”

Last but not least, in this time when cryptocurrency platforms are preventing users from withdrawing their funds, it’s a great time to try something new. With 4X being in its infancy, there is very little chance that the flow of funds will be impeded anytime in 2022. The company will need growth in user activity to grow its own business.

The official trading platform and website is open for public review today, visit www.4x.fm

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