3 Key Components to Converting Businesses on Instagram

The beauty of Instagram is that it’s free advertising for your business. The style of conversations it facilitates allows you to increase the number of conversations you have while allowing you to build relationships that are as strong online as they would be in real life.

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The changing industry climate has everyone wondering if traditional lead generation methods will continue to produce results the same way as before. Add in digital trends, including things like Instagram, and what we “used to” isn’t what we “must” do now.

The beauty of Instagram is that it’s free publicity for your business, and the style of conversations it facilitates allows you to scale the number of conversations you have while allowing you to build relationships. as strong online as they would be in real life.

When it comes to using DMs on Instagram, trust, knowing what your lead looks like and what your “request” looks like, is key.

Part 1: You need to identify what your “lead” looks like

Knowing what a lead is for you and your business is the first step to being able to transfer that effort into your Instagram presence.

What is your purpose? Are you trying to recruit agents, generate new buyers or sellers, grow your organization nationally? Be specific and then it will be easier for you to transfer that effort into the conversations you decide to engage in.

One of the biggest problems agents face with their Instagram marketing is trying to talk to “everyone.” You need to identify your who, then focus on the details that make them – them.

The easiest way to identify it is to know who you help, how you help them and the result you guarantee. If you can put that into a sentence without using phrases like “helping you find your dream home” and “anyone looking to buy a home in Zone X,” you’ll be off to a much better start.

Part 2: Know what your “request” looks like

Do you know what you look like when you ask someone for business? Did you write this?

Most people don’t know how they ask someone to do business. Role-playing is the flow of a conversation that begins with a focus on connection and ends with a “what”, “why” or “how” takes practice.

This practice, however, will not only help you sound more authentic, but will also prevent the person receiving your message from feeling like they’re getting cold feet.

Finally, practicing conversational flow will help you psychologically understand when it’s time to “move the meeting.”

Part 3: You need to learn to “move the meeting”

Once you know how to ask someone for business, the next step is to move the meeting. It could be like setting up a zoom, setting a date for them to come to the office, meeting for coffee, etc.

Wondering what that would look like in your DMs? It’s a simple three-step process.

First, focus on creating a connection. Can you relate to them somehow? Did they post something that made you think of something you did, saw, or felt?

Second, you need to start the conversation adding something of value to the connective piece, then ending the message with a question. By adding value first, even if it’s someone’s dog or ice cream, you increase the likelihood of a longer response from the person and a conversation that will continue afterwards. the first message.

Finally, you must be prepared to move the meeting. This means asking for the zoom or the coffee meeting, but doing so based on the value you initially provided and giving the person a specific option. An exact date and time or day of the week can be the 1% difference you need to drive a conversion.

Michelle Berman Mikel is a nationally sought after Instagram content development coach, speaker, owner of Berman Media PD and creator of the Instagram Power Method program. You can reach her at instagram and LinkedIn.

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