2021 Annual Survey of Stock Plan Participants

Now More Than Ever, Stock Plan Benefits Can Help You Stand Out

Last year, nearly 40 million Americans left their jobs in what economists called “The Great Quit.”1 Driven by the shift to remote working, high burnout rates and government stimulus programs, this exodus is putting tremendous pressure on companies to not only attract but retain talent in an increasingly tough job market. more tense.

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Employees citing better pay and benefits as top motivator for changing jobs2, stock plan benefits can provide a competitive edge to companies looking to differentiate themselves. To help employers understand how to better leverage equity to engage their workforce, Morgan Stanley at Work conducted a twenty-question survey of 40,000 national stock plan participants.

Here’s some of what we heard.

  • Benefits are an important consideration when deciding whether to take or keep a job
  • Most stock plan respondents (75%) feel confident in their ability to access their stock plan account, but only half (52%) understand how to sell their stock plan shares
  • Even fewer (34%) say they understand how to estimate the potential tax impact of their stock plan benefits
  • Morgan Stanley’s recent State of Financial Benefits in the Workplace report found that 4 in 5 employees believe their company should play a role in helping them maximize the financial potential of their stock plan benefits

Respondents are eager to learn more about their stock plan and actively seek information – online through their stock plan platform or company intranet, as well as through e -periodic emails and one-on-one consultations with financial advisors.

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