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Earn $ 1,000 per week

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Broadcasting from home, enjoying the morbid and winning prizes

  • $ 1 every 2,000 what do you get
  • You receive coins for
    every minute in private
  • Get more coins by uploading your videos
  • 10,000 for every 500 online users
  • 1,000 for every 100 new followers
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Invite your friends and win irresistible prizes

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    You earn 5% of the
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    You earn 30% of the
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  • Respect the rules of the game and participate fairly to avoid canceling your prize.
  • Don't put goals on the topic. Group actions, using the nickname of others, etc ... are not allowed.
  • Get 1 point for the contest for every 100 coins received on your cam.
  • Every day we reset the contest points counter for all the cams.
  • Check the rules and game dynamics in the How to Play and Frequently Asked Questions sections.
    If you have questions, contact us :)